Smart Kid Belt – Creating a safer industry for all!

What is Smart Kid Belt?

Smart Kid Belt was designed by a group of engineer parents with 20 years of industry experience between them.  They had a vision to create a safe, sustainable and convenient alternative to child car seats.

The market for automotive child safety products is currently dominated by a small number of car seat manufacturers.  The goal at Smart Kid Belt was to modernise the industry.  

To do this they have created a pocket-sized, eco-friendly product.  This product not only fits any UK car but outperforms traditional car seats in many safety tests.  In addition, it's also on the market for a significantly lower price than most car seats.

Is it Safe?

This product is so different from traditional car seats it has attracted a lot of attention.  Including a recent negative article posted in the UK by Which?

Smart Kid Belt aim to be transparent in all areas.  So wanted provide a reaction to this article, and moreover take the opportunity to explain their findings and share their perspective.

Smart Kid Belt has received excellent safety scores from various independent institutes.  Including testing standards run by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and UN.  Their ethos as a business is to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety, both of which are hugely important to the founders of Smart Kid Belt.

The article in question stipulates that, based on Which?’s own tests, Smart Kid Belt does not provide adequate protection to children in the event of a car crash. This article is deeply concerning and entirely false.

Where has this data come from?

Contrary to Which?’s values of independency and impartiality, their review is based on a test conducted by their Partner, Consumentenbond, a Dutch organisation.

Consumentenbond used a non-standard safety test which is not based on procedures established in the main EU regulatory bodies’ tests (ECE R44 and UN R129).  That is to say, Consumentenbond’s test is an inaccurate assessment of the product (Smart Kid Belt).  

However, Smart Kid Belt complies with both of these industry-standard EU regulations, as do the leading car seat manufacturers.

Why it inaccurate?

Because it was fitted to crash dummies incorrectly – leaving slack in the belt and poor alignment with the dummy’s shoulder.

As a result of the poor testing methodology, Smart Kid Belt have pursued legal action against all parties involved.

Unfortunately, Consumentenbond’s test results have been picked up by UK consumer protection agency, Which?, and used in an article on its website. Smart Kid Belt are currently in touch with Which?, requesting they take down their review pending the outcome of the injunction.

Affordable Safety for All

Smart Kid Belt are a brand that is aiming to make child car safety affordable and available for everyone.  They believe in rigorous and accurate reporting of testing data – above all, child safety is the number one priority, as it is for customers’.  In addition, Smart Kid Belt want them to be able to make informed and responsible decisions.

They take the false allegations equally seriously. Smart Kid Belt state they would never dream of knowingly marketing a product which was unsafe or hadn’t met stringent safety requirements.

You can learn more about the significant testing Smart Kid Belt has gone through as part of the regulations set out by ECE and UN here:

In conclusion, Smart Kid Belt are a relatively new business in the industry.   However, despite significant competition they have sold more than 800,000 units to customers around the world since the product launched in 2017.

Hopefully this blog has provided potential and current valued customers with some clarity.  Keep checking back for future news and updates. 

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