Smart Kid Belt Car Safety Seat
Easy to store and transport
3 children safely in the back seat
Easy to adjust to the child
Smart Kid Belt UK

Smart Kid Belt

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  • EFFICIENT AND SAFE:  An essential area for consideraton when selecting a car seat or car safety device.  Smart Kid belt is ECE certified.  In addition further testing has taken place by two independent institutions within the USA. Smart Kid Belt has achieved excellent results in all areas, including in child overstress tests.  A crucial safety aspect if a dangerous collision should occur.  Providing you confidence in this style of car safety seat.  
  • SMALL AND PORTABLE: Smart Kid Belt is the world's smallest and lightest car safety device for the safe transport of children.  Both flexible and compactible.  Fitting easily in your handbag, backpack or any pocket in your car. Smart Kid Belt weighs in at just 120 grams making it easy to take with you!
  • USEFUL IN SMALL CARS: Smart Kid Belt allows you to safely carry up to three children on the back seat of any standard car.  This is especially useful in small cars with narrower seats where 3 standard carseats won't fit.
  • USE: Perfect for any car equipped with standard seat belts.  In addition, Smart Kid Belt removes the worry about whether the carseat will fit in your car or any danger of damage to your seat.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE SEAT BELT: Smart Kid Belt grows with your child.  This means it can be adjusted as they get bigger, right down to the nearest millimetre!  Therefore, allowing you to be confident in the fit at all times.