Using Smart Kid Belt


Fasten the lower buckle


First place your child on the car seat. Make sure they are sat so that their back is resting against the back of the seat. Now fasten the car seat belt as you normally would. Then attach the lower Smart Kid Belt buckle to the car belt. Do this as low as possible, preferably where the bottom of the waistband comes out from under the seat and begins to pass past your childs thigh. Attaching the lower Smart Kid Belt buckle to the seat belt adjusts the length of the seat belt in the lumbar region.


Set the length

After attaching the belt to the lower buckle,  you must then adjust the length of the Smart Kid Belt to the child's height. The Smart Kid Belt device gives parents the ability to adapt it perfectly to the height of their child. Position the device so that when you unfold it, the top buckle is 5cm (three fingers) above your child's shoulder. Remember to check this setting before you travel to ensure it is the correct fitting for your child. 


Fasten the top buckle

After adjusting the length of the Smart Kid Belt and making sure that the top buckle is 5 cm above your child's shoulders, you then need to clip it onto the top of the car belt. Remember to attach the buckle so that the upper car strap goes between the child's shoulder and neck. Your car seat is now adapted for your child and will ensure they are safe to travel.