Smart Kid Belt - A Smart Way to Fit 3 Children on the Back Seat of your Car!

When traveling by car children tend to sit on the back seat of a car, with that seen as the safest place for them to be.  So is this true, and if so what can parents do when traveling with more than 2 children?  How can we fit 3 children on the back seat of a car safely?

Safest Place to Travel:

Recent studies suggest that the back seat of a car is no longer the safest place to travel as a passenger. This is due to the increased safety mechanisms car manufacturers have installed for front seat passangers.

However, data also suggests this is not necessarily the case when it comes to children.

It has long been stated that the back seat of the car is the safest place for a child to sit when travelling.  Specifically the back middle seat, as this is likely to be the furthest away from any impact zone.

The front passenger seat holds many dangers for children in the unfortunate event of an accident.  A key one being the air bag. Whilst airbags are highly effective at preventing serious injury for many, studies have indicated that there may be a correlation between height and weight and the injuries sustained from airbags.

A standard air bag is typically designed to protect your average adult.  Someone at least 5 feet tall and roughly 150 pounds. Variation below thoses statistics, and the airbag could in fact cause more significant injuries in the event of an accident. Further danger could come if a child is sat in the front seat in a poorly secured booster.  Or even with an ill-fitting seat belt.

So despite recent studies highlighting the increased safety mechanisms now present for passengers in the front.  The back seat of a car is still first choice for children for many parents when travelling.

A Unique Solution: 

This can become a challenge for parents when the number of children exceeds 2. A last-minute playdate, after school club pick up, or the arrival of a third child. All these scenarios can cause problems in fitting 3 children safely in the back seat of a car.  With many vehicles not even being wide enough to fit 3 standard car seats or boosters safely.  In addition the middle seat of cars often doesn’t have ISOFIX. This can impact the ability to safely fit many car seats and boosters.  A challenging issue for a parent to solve!

This is when Smart Kid Belt can help! Small, compact and flexible. Smart Kid Belt can easily fit 3 children across the back seat.  Or alternatively, an older child alongside 2 traditional car seats for younger children.

Quick and easy to fit.  Adaptable to the child that needs it.  It is a great choice to allow safe travel with that extra third child!


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