Smart Kid Belt Launches in the UK

Following its successful launch across Europe, Japan and the USA, Smart Kid Belt is now launching in the UK. Smart Kid Belt is a revolutionary child seat belt which can replace the need for a traditional child car seat. With safety at the center of the design, Smart Kid Belt has been thoroughly tested and has delivered excellent results in every crash test it has been through. Fully certified for use across Europe and the USA, it can be used for children from 5 -12 years.

5 Great Reasons to Try Smart Kid Belt?

1. Flexibility

Smart Kid Belt is a small but sturdy device which, when not in use, can fit in your handbag or your child’s bag. As a result, you can take it with you wherever you go – really beneficial if your child is going to be getting in a taxi, or travelling with a friend or relative. Smart Kid Belt only takes a few minutes to install and once in place you are good to go!

2. It Frees Up Space

Traditional car seats are bulky, which means you can only fit 2 children in the back of most cars. With smart Kid Belt you have more space.  And as long as your car is fitted with 3 over shoulder seat belts on the back seat, you can easily and safely travel with 3 kids in the back of your car

3. Suitable for Every Car

As long as your car has the legally required over the shoulder seat belt, you can use Smart Kid Belt! Therefore there is no need for isofix or any other additional adaptor.

4. Great Value

At only £24.99, Smart Kid Belt is significantly cheaper than a traditional car seat. With comparable safety ratings, it is a fantastic option if you are looking for an alternative.  Or for a device for a second vehicle/occasional use child seat. Perfect for taking with you on holiday or when out and about, peace of mind doesn’t have to cost the earth.

5. It is Eco Friendly

As Smart Kid Belt does not use a lot of plastic or other materials in its production, and is small and light weight, it is much better for the environment to produce, transport and dispose of than traditional car seats.

So there you have it – 5 great reasons why Smart Kid Belt should be with you and your family wherever you go! You can buy directly from us today for just £24.99 with free shipping. Happy travels!

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