Introducing the Safest Pocket Size Child Car Seat System in the World

As parents, we place the safety of our children above everything else. Child car seats are a great example of the focus we place on safety. Ensuring our most precious cargo is safe and secure.

Child car seats by their very nature are large, solid and cumbersome.  Which means whilst they are great if you are travelling in your car to and from your destination. They may not be so useful if you need to change vehicles, use public transport, or have a friend or family member transporting your kids.

Understanding their safety rating can also be a minefield.  This is made worse with many manufacturers not fully sharing results of crash tests.  In addition many so called safety features do not make a huge amount of impact when put to the test.

An Alternative Option

Imagine if there was a product that out there that was smaller, lighter and easier to move between vehicles.  As well as more affordable and best of all, openly shared its safety ratings and results.

This is where Smart Kid Belt comes in.

Smart Kid Belt is the worlds safest, pocket sized child restraint system, which can fit in your handbag whilst still being fully certified for use throughout Europe, the UK and the USA.  Extensive testing has been conduct.  Ensuring that your child is both comfortable and safe.

Suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Smart Kid Belt is adjustable to the size of the child and will grow with them.

Given its convenient size, Smart Kid Belt is also ideal if you are travelling with 3 children and need to fit all 3 on the back seat (assuming your car has 3 over shoulder seat belts). It only takes seconds to install. Meaning you can use it if you are getting in taxis, carpooling or jumping on a bus. Take it with you wherever you go, Smart Kid Belt will easily fit in your handbag or in your child’s rucksack.

Is it Safe?

We are proud of our performance in crash tests.  Unlike many of our competitors we openly share the results to give you and your family peace of mind. You can gain access to the results from independent tests as well as ECE and FMVSS tests at

In the above graph, you can see the results of one of the many crash tests Smart Kid Belt has been through. The test shown in this graph was carried out on a 32kg dummy. The graph shows the course of the resultant delay during dynamic tests.  Put simply, it shows how much pressure is excerted on the dummy upon impact during a crash.

If you are unsure how to read the data, the red dashed line at the top of the chart indicates the highest overload threshold required in order to pass the tests.

The 5 coloured each represent a separate crash test.

The G axis defines the overload the dummy was subjected to during the test.  The S axis defining time through the test.

The chart shows us that the pressure placed on the dummy wearing Smart Kid Belt i did not exceed 40G in every test except one.  A long way below the permissible 55G.

What is the Cost?

At just £24.99, Smart Kid Belt is not only hugely convenient but also great value for money.  Providing you and your family with great flexibility when you travel. Head over to our shop now to get yours!  

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