Smart Kid Belt: An adaptable car safety system!

Challenges When Picking a Car Seat

Car Seat safety is a key topic for parents.  Care givers must ask several key questions when picking a car seat. With the answers given directing them to the best choice for their child.  

They must consider who the car seat is for and what car will be used.  As both of these will have an impact on the choice made.

However, the challenge doesn’t end there.  Whichever car seat or safety system is picked must not only be suitable, but it also needs to be fitted correctly.

Multiple studies into the fit and use of car seats have been conducted by various safety bodies and independent researchers. Alarmingly the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that large numbers of parents are frequently fitting car seats incorrectly.  This is severely reducing the ability of those seats to keep children safe in the event of an accident.

Many of those that are managing to fit the seat correctly to the car then fail to correctly fit the seat to the child. With straps not being tight enough.  Seat belts at the wrong height for the child.  Or lap belts sitting high up on the belly.

A poorly fitted car seat or restraint could result in a higher risk of injury in the event of an accident. This shows the importantance of checking the fit of the car seat as well.  This can be extra challenging with some of the car seats currently on the market.

A Different Solution?

Smart Kid Belt differs from traditional options available for your child once they move on from a standard 5-point harness.  Not only is it easy to fit, but it adjusts to your child as they continue to grow right down to the nearest millimetre. Meaning that you can be confident in a secure, safe fit.

Smart Kid Belt is for children over the age of 4.  Whose are at least 15kg in weight and ready to move on from the standard car seat.  It is also great for a child who no longer fits in a standard car seat.

Where bulky boosters try to raise the child up to the height of the seat belt,  Smart Kid Belt adapts the seatbelt to the height and size of the child.

What are the benefits? 

A incorrectly worn seatbelt will increase the chance of injury if in an accident. When the shoulder strap of the seatbelt sits too high or low on the body this could result in damage to that area. If the lap belt sits high on the soft stomach area the impact from a crash will likely be severe.  Should it not be tight enough you increase the risk of submarining.  

Submarining occurs when a passenger is propelled under a seat belt.  This results in injury in even low speed collisions.

By adapting the seatbelt to match the size of the user, you retain all the safety technology to keep the user safe. Smart Kid Belt does this in two key ways.  First, it allows you to lower the top part of the belt to the height of the child. Secondly fitting the lower part safely over the child’s thighs and keeping it off the stomach.

Whilst most car seats now come with isofix to attach the seat to the car, not all do. Especially the transition seats often used by parents, for example a backless booster.

It is safer to sit a child directly on the seat of a car than on a poorly fitted booster.  Doing so reduces the risk of injury caused by the booster or poorly fitted car seat.

Above all the simplicity of the Smart Kid Belt makes it easy to fit and use. Meaning as a parent you can be confident that your child is correctly and safely fastened into the car.

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